Our Team

David Garelick, EA, CFP®
David is committed to clients for the long-term and acts in a fiduciary capacity. He helps clients in all aspects of their financial lives and gives personalized advice to each client’s specific needs, goals and objectives. Read More
Sheila Wilkerson, EA
Executive Vice President
Sheila has over 35 years experience in the tax and accounting field. She is an enrolled agent (EA) and a federally authorized tax practitioner who specializes in the field of taxation. Read More
Jarrod Hicks
Senior Account Manager
Jarrod helps clients by managing cash flow, providing timely financial reports and helping them budget for the short and long term. He believes that having a strong team and good communication is key to providing high quality service to clients. Read More
Peter Garelick, CFP®, AIF®
Investment Advisor
Peter enjoys helping clients pursue a better lifestyle through intelligent financial decision making. He believes in asset class investing, goal based planning, and that behavior plays a critical part of the planning and investing process. Read More
Charmaine Hinkel, CPA
Senior Accountant
Charmaine has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accountancy and is a CPA. Originally from the Philippines, she started her accounting career as a Staff Auditor in an Ernst & Young firm in the Philippines. Read More
Jeff Winger, CPA, EA
Executive Vice President
Jeff is focused on tax return preparation, tax planning, and helping small businesses grow profitably. He believes that with proper planning, taxes can be minimized and profitability can be maximized. Read More
Jessica Souther
Senior Account Manager
Jessica works on our client’s and companies behalf to organize and maintain their financial affairs. She is a problem solver and loves to figure things out for herself. Read More
Luis Gomez
Senior Account Manager
Luis has over 18 years of experience in the financial industry. He has been fortunate to take on various roles and gain firsthand knowledge, abilities and experiences that will assist our Global Business Management clients in achieving their financial goals. Read More
Connor Garelick
Connor Garelick works directly with the clients at Global. He specializes in accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial statement preparation and balancing bank reconciliations. Read More
Bart Brewer, CFA®, EA, CFP®
Portfolio/Financial Planning Consultant
Bart's experience in the financial services industry spans over portions of six decades, and he has been a financial professional for 40 years. He worked for Global Financial Advisory Services nascent days of the mid 90's with David and his father, Lou. Read more
Debbie Garelick
Operations Manager
Debbie works as a client relations manager for Global Tax & Accounting and Global Financial Advisory Services. She is passionate about making each client experience positive and enjoys the daily client contact that her job entails. Read More
Katie Thompson
Senior Account Manager
Katie serves clients by doing after the fact bookkeeping, reconciling accounts payable and receivable, preparing financial statements, payroll and payroll tax returns, sales tax returns, and business property tax. Read More
Michael Simba
Account Manager
Michael works with account managers by focusing on accounts payable and receivable. While keeping a determined and enthusiastic attitude, he enjoys learning new ways in helping clients. Read More
Julie Fraser
Account Manager / Medical Coordinator
At Global Business Management, Julie works with clients to help simplify their financial lives and achieve their goals. She assists Jessica with various tasks such as accounts payable, accounts receivable and correspondence. Read More
Brooke Garelick
Account Manager
Brooke is an account manager at Global that takes tremendous pride in her sharp and perfectionist skills to organize her client’s financial lives. She believes in the collaboration of teamwork, effective communication and out of the box thinking to provide solutions that will better serve clients. Read More
Seth Fraser
Seth Fraser is an assistant account manager at Global Business Management. He believes that the highest quality of work is produced through the communication, collaboration, and integrity inside a workplace. Read More