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Mara Acevedo

Mara is an account manager at Global who works with clients to help simplify their lives and achieve their financial goals. She works on accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and correspondence. Mara is interested in all facets of business management and meeting deadlines for her clients is top priority. Before beginning at Global, Mara began work in 2007 at PTD Business Management, LLP and was given the unique opportunity to manage a project for a comedian ventriloquist for 8 years. Her duties included distributing merchandise for his worldwide tour and fulfilling all online orders, and this experience helped shape her passion of going above and beyond client expectations.

Mara has two daughters, Monica and Kristin, and a son named Johnny. A Burbank native, Mara loves movie nights with her family along with a delicious family dinner, preferably Italian! She has a pug named Paco that runs her life outside of the office, which consists of walks, dog parks, snacking and napping. When she can get away, Mara looks forward to spending time by the fire and roasting some marshmallows at a Wrightwood cabin for some rest and relaxation.