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Resources within EDD

Here to find Employment tax forms click on Employer forms to get to fill in forms, or publications, tax rates, withholding schedules and other information.

Resources within IRS

IRS Forms & Publications – http://www.irs.gov/formspubs/index.html

IRS from this screen you can scroll down and click on Forms & Publications, Fill in Forms, Forms or Publications by number, or on the left search for a specific form. Also from this screen you can find Resources: Where to file, Contact my local office etc.

Resources within FTB

Your CSN is your key to accessing your personal tax information online. Only with your social security number and CSN can you use the many secure online services offered by the Franchise Tax Board. (Note: FTB will issue a new Customer Service Number to every taxpayer each calendar year. The number is only valid during the year for which it is assigned.) *Note Form 843 Federal, although you can use this for the State, they (sometimes, you can never tell) prefer just a letter requesting an abatement of interest and or penalties. Disclaimer: Make sure to check with your Tax Professional for more information and specific uses of these forms. By no means is this a complete list.

Resources within Los Angeles City