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Seth Fraser

Phone: (818) 385-3100
Fax:   (818) 385-3110

Seth Fraser is an assistant account manager at Global Business Management. He believes that the highest quality of work is produced through communication, collaboration, and integrity inside a workplace environment. His experience in the business sector alongside his strong-minded characteristics has helped him become a valuable member in the success of the Global team.

After moving from Texas to California in 2015, Seth found his passion in the business world and is now using his knowledge to better serve clients. He graduated from College of the Canyons with a double Associates degree in Accounting and Business Administration while landing on the dean’s list each semester. After rigorous study sessions and hard work, Seth was accepted to the David Nazarian School of Business and Economics at California State University of Northridge where he plans on obtaining his undergraduate degree in Accountancy. Seth would then like to pursue his master’s degree in Accountancy and work towards becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Seth’s top priority in life is to spend quality time with his family and friends. When he is not studying or working at Global, he enjoys his free time by hiking, traveling, going to the beach or exploring his new home of Los Angeles on the weekends.