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The Index Bogeyman

Over the last several years, index funds have received increased attention from investors and the financial media. Some have even made claims that the increased usage of index funds may be distorting market prices. For many, this argument hinges on the premise that indexing reduces the efficacy of price discovery. If index funds are becoming...

Addressing Three Common Investor Questions

In 2017, global markets moved up most of the year, but that surely wasn’t the case in 2018. In fact, we haven’t seen that type of volatility in U.S. markets for some time. In this article, we’ll address three of the most common questions we’ve heard from investors curious about how their investment strategy is...

A Few Investing Reminders

It’s been an impressive run for stocks over the past year and clients have been rewarded for being patient and sticking with a disciplined, evidence based investment strategy. After seeing significant gains, however, it can be easy to forget that there were bumps along the way and that markets don’t always go up in a straight...

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