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When Value Underperforms

Imagine you are a competitive diver in the Olympics. You will be judged on your form, your technique and the difficulty of your dives. The more complicated a dive, the higher your potential score. But also, the higher the chances of not executing the dive perfectly. Investing is similar. The more risk you take on...

Addressing Three Common Investor Questions

In 2017, global markets moved up most of the year, but that surely wasn’t the case in 2018. In fact, we haven’t seen that type of volatility in U.S. markets for some time. In this article, we’ll address three of the most common questions we’ve heard from investors curious about how their investment strategy is...

The 4 Charts Every Investor Should Know

Sometimes a picture really can make things easier to understand. Many of the important ideas and concepts you need to know as a long-term investor don’t require lengthy explanations. They can be as simple as the four charts in this newsletter. Together, these charts illustrate foundational principles of investing such as focusing on the long...

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